How was the second match of Mumbai Indian between Kolkata Knight Riders in 13 April 2021: -

How was the second match of Mumbai Indian between Kolkata Knight Riders in 13 April 2021

 Hello friends, if you have seen the match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders on April 13, then you will have got to see a lot of interesting matches, if you will be a supporter of Mumbai Indians, then you will be happily going crazy and if you are Kolkata Knight  If you are a supporter of the riders then it will not always be good for you because Kolkata Knight Riders or the match won is lost with your hand whereas in this match Kolkata Knight Riders were completely defeated.  We will talk about what was the reason behind the loss of Kolkata Knight Riders, before that we will talk about the performance of Mumbai Indians, how Mumbai Indians performed in the second match, although the level of fielding for Mumbai Indians was very poor in Kolkata.  Even though the Knight Riders batsmen were getting life on life, the batting of the Kolkata Knight Riders was very simple, yet the Kolkata Knight Riders batsmen were thinking what they were thinking.

 There was a time when the Kolkata Knight Riders batsmen had to make 30 runs off 30 balls completely or the match was in the grip of Kolkata Knight Riders but it did not know what was going on in the minds of Kolkata Knight Riders batsmen.  By that time, Nitish Rana has to bat till then after that the wicket line started and the batsmen are dominating, then they are just defending, when Rasal came, he missed two catches, but still could not do anything big.  And there was a time that there were 15 runs to be scored in the last over. It is also a batting. Mumbai Indians bowlers bowled well Mumbai Indians bowlers will have to appreciate whether it is Trent Boult Jaspreet or Kunal Pandya all bowled well.  And brought the Mumbai Indians back to the game with their bowling.

 And if we talk about Mumbai Indians batting, then the batting of Mumbai Indians also did not go much for Shivaay Suryakumar Yadav because Suryakumar Yadav had a good performance and Rohit Sharma also took the match to the final and played big shots in the final.  Were thinking that this did not happen, even in the final stage, his wicket was taken by the Kolkata Knight Riders bowler.  There is bowling and there is good bowling as well as good batting. Say anything, yesterday's match Mumbai Indians played very well and was the worst day for Kolkata Knight Riders as this match was completely under the control of Kolkata Knight Riders.

 What is the reason behind Kolkata Knight Riders losing their second match in IPL 2021: -

 Kolkata Knight Riders got off to a good start, not that Kolkata Knight Riders got off to a good start, under pressure from the beginning. There was nothing like Kolkata Knight Riders got a good start and batting was good in the middle order as well but the final 5 overs.  In the match completely overturned completely Mumbai Indians bowlers captured the game, what a mistake it was that the Kolkata Knight Riders team's final batsmen were the last batsmen who were coming to bat.  Those batsmen who were playing had to take the match to the final stage and bat the last fast and did not have to bat too fast but even after playing very comfortably, this match would have won the Kolkata Knight Riders.