The desire to watch the IPL of 2021 is going to be fulfilled today : - 

The desire to watch the IPL of 2021 is going to be fulfilled today

Hello friends, as you all know that the IPL is going to be played from today, which will be played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians, you will be able to watch the live telecast on April 9 and there is no shortage of cricket lovers in a country like India and India. Cricket is very popular outside India, but the number of people watching cricket in India is very high and many people and I also wanted to start the IPL quickly because there is a different interest in watching IPL which today millions of Indians are Tamannaah is going to be complete and the first match of the IPL will be played between the captain of India and the vice-captain means that India captain Virat Kohli and India vice-captain Rohit Sharma Virat Kohli is the captain of RCB and Rohit Sharma of Mumbai Indians. And both the captains of the team are known for their batting and good captaincy because when Rohit Sharma also captains India, we do not take his captaincy lightly because he is also a good captain and one of the most IPL winners. There is also a captain who in itself gives a different confidence to Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli would like to win the 2021 IPL team under his captaincy because Virat Kohli's team ie Royal Challengers Bangalore's team win the IPL title. Is wanting

 Whose scale will be heavy in todays IPL (9 April 2021): -
 Now we are going to talk about which team will have the upper hand in today's IPL in the first match of the 2021 IPL, because both those teams are more than one, both the team has amazing batsmen and bowling players. Huh. So it cannot be told which team will have the upper hand in the first match of IPL as it is 2021 and anything can happen in 2021. The best thing for Mumbai Indians is that Jasprit Bumrah has returned to the team, which has made the bowling of Mumbai Indians very strong. I am very fond of IPL and I am desperately looking forward to watching the IPL. Since when will the IPL start, the first ball of the IPL and the first six first four wickets, I got to see that this wish will be fulfilled today. Rather, I do not have the desire, it is the wish of the entire Indian and cricket lovers.

 This time the team management of Royal Challengers Bangalore have added Glenn Maxwell to their team by investing a lot of money as they have plenty of ability to hit shots before Ho was playing for Punjab Kings where his performance was not good for RCB team. Glenn Maxwell will perform well for our team. Most of the IPL matches I have seen so far, most of these IPL matches were started by Chennai Super Kings and the opposing team was mostly Mumbai Indians as it is both team experience team but IPL of 2021 is different then it is coming. We enjoy watching IPL.